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Mare Island Brewing Co.

Coal Shed Brewery

Coal Shed #151 on the Mare Island Waterfront

Coal Shed Brewery

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Nine historic Coal Sheds sit prominently on the waterfront of Mare Island. Converted from their original role of providing coal for the steam ships of the Naval Base, the Coal Sheds now house artists, speaker manufacturers, Renaissance faire producers, welders … and the Mare Island Brewing Co.

We are currently in the final stages of construction, converting our Coal Shed (Building #151) into our new 15-barrel brewery. Construction is always a long process, but with a century-old, historic-landmark-protected building, on a 150-year-old former naval base, construction is a really long process.

But we’ve started brewing! As of July 2017, all of our brewing is being done in the Coal Shed (while the contractors work around us). It’s been extremely exciting and gratifying, finally having this space of our own and a flexible system to explore new beer styles and hone our recipes.

Eventually, we look forward to hosting visitors at our Coal Shed Brewery. At first, likely this winter, it will just be tours and tastings (first to the Yardbirds!), followed by special events. Ultimately—and we have plans already drawn—we will build a full-blown Coal Shed Taproom too, with ferry service that lands about fifty yards away. But that is a few years off.

However, we do have our Ferry Taproom that is open daily 11:30-10 (with awesome lunch specials) just across the water on the Vallejo side of the Mare Island straight at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal. From there you can sip a pint and look across the water to see the Coal Shed in all its glory. We hope to see you there.