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Mare Island Brewing Co.

Our Taproom

Come taste “Strait” from the tap.

The Brothers Strong

Date: Sat, Dec 15, 2018
Time 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Venue: Ferry Taproom

The Brothers Strong are a 4 piece string band from mountains of the Sierra Nevada. The band has grown a loyal fanbase by bringing an authentic mountain sound to their recordings and live sets that is hard to come by. It is this honest and genuine tone that brings people to their rough a rowdy bluegrass shows where they share their truest thoughts and feelings with their listeners. This come first and foremost through thoughtful songwriting. It explores many of the daily struggles of human life from love and loss, to success and failure, while always coming from, and returning to the heaviest most personal emotions we carry. this devotion to genuinity has earned The Brothers Strong a reputation as having a "high level musical authenticity. Like the wood, water, and stone of the Sierra Nevada Mountains from which they hail" (Strawberry Music Festival).This is not to downplay the bands musicianship--they have been described as "hot shot" pickers and players--but rather to indicate that though lightning fast picking and fiery fiddle licks can wow a crowd, the real purpose of the instrument is to connect with the audience and let them lose themselves for a second in the emotions of the music. As described by The Alternate Root Magazine their "Bright acoustics and note-perfect harmonies give the" The Brothers Strong's music "a huge presence" on the stage allowing them to connect seamlessly with audiences in a meaningful way. These key elements define The Brothers Strong, bringing diverse audiences to their shows.