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Mare Island Brewing Co.

Coal Shed Brewery

Coal Shed #151 on the Mare Island Waterfront

Coal Shed Brewery

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Nine historic Coal Sheds, all built between 1898 and 1906, sit prominently on the waterfront of Mare Island; their original use was to protect and load the coal for the Navy’s steamships. Of course steam was quickly replaced by diesel (and eventually nuclear), and the Sheds were likewise converted to provide other ship services: pipeworks, shipwrights, electrical, etc.

Upon closure of the Shipyard in 1996, the Sheds found an eclectic collection of new, and rotating, inhabitants: artists, speaker manufacturers, a Renaissance Fair rental business, car enthusiasts, welders, and even a workshop where Burning Man was built. Mare Island Brewing Co. set up shop in 2013, moving our offices and storage into Coal Shed #151.

In 2014, after that year’s earthquake shook shingles off the Sheds, the owner/developer started to make plans to refurbish the historic row of Coal Sheds. We sat and discussed with them our vision of a brewery and event/restaurant space that we agreed would make perfect use of the historic setting and structure.

We poured a crazy amount of money, time, and energy into restoring the inside of our Coal Shed (and the developer did the same with the outside). Construction is always a long process, but with a century-old, historic-landmark-protected building, on a 150-year-old former naval base, construction is a really long process.

Ever since late 2017, we have been brewing away at the Coal Shed. We also have private event space that includes our catering operation and the waterfront promenade. We are open to the public for select days/hours. We do historic/brewery tours. And, when open to the pulic, we have a food truck that we purchased to provide worthy sustenance to accompany our beers. Please see the “visit us” page for operating hours and opportunities.  

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