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Mare Island Brewing Co.

Become a Yardbird

"Shipyards do not build ships, ships do not fight battles. It is the people who build ships, people who fight battles." -- anonymous Mare Island Yardbird (civilian shipyard worker).


The only way to secure General Order No. 99 and other specialty brews, the Yardbird Beer Club. By signing up below, you'll immedietly receive a dog tag identifiying you as a member, and you'll also receive invites to club-only events. You'll also be included on, and committed to, the next upcoming release (spring or fall, depending on when you sign up). 


Two releases per year (spring and fall). $125 per release. Each is a "mixed craft case” (12 bottles, mostly 22oz’rs). Yardbirds can pick up their shipment at the Pick-Up Parties, have it held for later pick up at the Ferry Taproom, or have it shipped (as a member, you'll receive 50% off shipping).


Rotating limited-availability seasonal brews, and additional Yardbird-only, reserve level tiny-batch brews crafted specifically for our beloved Yardbirds specific to the spring and fall seasons.


Each release includes a dog tag specific to that release (handmade in-house on an old typo-graph). When you pick-up your release, you'll receive a dog tag that identifies you as a current, active, beer-purchasing-and-receiving-Yardbird and it can be used to receive free beers and special access at events.


Each release, Yardbirds and their guests can purchase tickets to our rockin' Pick-Up Parties held at our Coal Shed Brewery on the waterfront of Mare Island. Parties include catered food, beer, live music, an intense and highly anticipated game (usually the highlight of the event, water balloon launchers have been involved), and of course, your release will be ready for pick up.


Multiple, fun, Yardbird-only events throughout the year: The Winter Feast, Brewer's Bootcamp, 4th of July Fireworks viewing, SF Giants game, Historic Mare Island Brew Cruise, Crawfish Boil, and more.


Yardbirds tour and taste at our Coal Shed Brewery for free. Tours must be scheduled in advance.


Yardbirds receive 50% off shipping on all online orders, always (including club releases). 

Questions? Contact the Keeper-of-the-Flock at garrett@mareislandbrewingco.com



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