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Mare Island Brewing Co.

Ivy Bells Pilsner

Ivy Bells Pilsner
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/ 22 Ounce Bottle

With a limited amount produced and high demand from all across the US that were tasked with Operation Ivy Bells, we created this stealthily hidden page for sailors, friends, and family tied to Operation Ivy Bells. Celebrate with honor.

"Admiral Rickover sent the USS Halibut, one of his treasured Mare Island nuclear submarines, to search by periscope for a “cable crossing” sign in Russian. This was the Soviet’s Sea of Okhotsk, where we were certainly not welcome during the Cold War. The Soviet Navy’s key communications cable was found, the Halibut hovered at 400ft, and two covert divers attached the recording device; top-secret operation “Ivy Bells” had begun. For the next 20 years, subs from Mare Island returned monthly to swap the recording tape. We dedicate this cold-fermented lager to the steely resolve of Mare Island’s cold war submariners."

Shipping is a cost that we directly pass on, and unfortunately, it isn't cheap. There is a 3 bottle minimum per order to make shipping costs most effective. This way you can enjoy one, share one, and maybe even save one.  We add a 10% discount on case orders (12 bottles, or more).

Damn the Torpedoes.

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