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Mare Island Brewing Co.

Fog Bell Hazy IPA (4-Pack)

Fog Bell Hazy IPA (4-Pack)
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Historical Note: The picturesque Mare Island lighthouse, powerful as its light might be, was useless against the legendary Bay Area fog.  When the air turned truly hazy, it was time for the fog bell. Hung outside the lighthouse and struck in 15 second increments, the ringing of the fog bell would help guide ships, blinded by the mist and fog, safely around the rocky point of Mare Island. The swinging of the fog bell hammer was not a difficult job, but certainly a critical one. The kind of job that maybe calls for a tasty hazy IPA at day’s end. When the haze rolls in, let the Fog Bell guide you.

Style: Hazy India Pale Ale
Format: 4 x 16oz
ABV: 6.3%
IBU: 40






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