A time capsule is ‘brewing’ in Benicia

A cistern with founders Kent and Ryan, just below our First Street Taphouse.

Vallejo Times Herald – There is no DeLorean, no Flux Capacitor and no crazy mad scientist named Doc Brown associated with Mare Island Brewing Co.

That being said the co-founders of the company have decided to go back to the future.

When Kent Fortner and Ryan Gibbons began remodeling their new Benicia location at 440 First Street, they discovered a large cistern (an historic water-holding tank) under the building. To celebrate the eventual opening of Mare Island Brewing Co.’s newest venue, the co-owners have decided to turn the cistern into a time capsule to commemorate the uniqueness of 2020 and 2021 with the intent to reopen the time capsule in 2031 (at the earliest).