The Great Vallejo Race

Grab a beer, and catch the view

Sailboats race through the Carquinez Strait during the Great Vallejo Race

Saturday, April 30th

Since 1900, sailboats have been racing to Vallejo in what is now known as The Great Vallejo Race. This year, the annual race – hosted by the Vallejo Yacht Club – turns 122, and over 100 boats will be racing from Berkeley to Vallejo. Grab a beer at our Ferry Taproom or Coal Shed Brewery, and catch the final stretch of the race. Then, join the skippers over at the Vallejo Yacht Club for BBQ, burgers, a Tiki Bar, and live music!

Enjoy A Brew with A View

Depending on the conditions, the fastest boats should be coming through the Mare Island Strait around 1:30p, with boats rolling through up until 4p or later. The boats will race right by our Ferry Taproom, and rafting up in the Vallejo Yacht Club harbor, just South of our Coal Shed Brewery.

Party at The Vallejo Yacht Club

Once you've had your fill of watching the boats roll in, head over to the The Vallejo Yacht Club for BBQ burgers, beer, an outdoor Tiki Bar, and live music! The steel drum band will begin at 2pm on the outdoor patio, with the party ramping up at 7pm when the Darrel Edwards Lighting Up the Soul band take the stage.

The event is open to the public, so drop by and join the celebration at this historic Vallejo institution.

Formed in 1900, and the Vallejo Yacht Club is one of the oldest clubs in the Bay Area. Pictured above is a scene from of the bar at the original club house in 1930.

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