The Cistern Time Capsule Project

Turning a historic hole into time capsule

A declaration of our official time capsule, to be opened at a later date.

During the remodeling for our new First Street Taphouse in Benicia, we discovered a huge cistern (a water holding tank) below the floor of the building. Actually, one of our contractors almost fell into it when he stepped through a piece of plywood covering the hole.

The cistern dates back to the 1800's, and is about 10 feet in diameter and 12 feet deep. It was dug by hand into the limestone below the building, and was completely empty save for a rusted out bucket. At some point long ago it was covered up, and forgotten about.

We racked our brains about what to do with it, and decided to turn it into a time capsule to commemorate this challenging year that was 2020, and look to a brighter 2021.

Mare Island Brewing Co. founders, Kent and Ryan at the bottom of the 12ft cistern we discovered during renovations.

We Invite You To Participate

We'd love to have you contribute your mementos to the time capsule. The time capsule will be sealed with a hatch in the floor, and marked by a commemorative plaque. We'll be liberating it in 10+ years.

SAT, FEB. 6th | 9A - 12P:
Bring us your time capsule contributions! We'll be outside the First Street Taphouse doling out free coffee, and accepting items.

For submission guidelines, examples of what to bring, and more information about the project checkout the giant flyer in the window at the First Street Taphouse, or download it below.

Contribute to The Time Capsule

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