Announcing Our "Staff Brews" Series

Tapping our Team for Fresh Brews

We're stoked to announce our "Staff Brews" series! Small batch brews featuring ideas and recipes from our staff, and available only in our taprooms. Every few weeks, we'll be tapping one of our staff members for their ideas on a new brew, and then working with them to make it happen on our 1BBL pilot system. We're excited to get team members from across departments involved in the brewing process, and just as excited to have you all taste their creations!


Friday, Aug. 18 – Our first Staff Brew drops at the taprooms this Friday. Tippy Boy Hazy IPA is a fruity, juice bomb dreamed up by one of our brewers, Tom. As far as the name, "Tippy Boy"? It's a long story. Check out the video below for a little behind the scenes look at the brew.


September 27 – Our newest brewer, Mackie, created this killer Kölsch, with a nod to 90s R&B and smoke machines...

When does the next Staff Brew Drop? We'll announce the next staff brew the day before it hits the taprooms. So, follow us on Instagram & Facebook to stay in the loop.