New Release: Ferry No. 2 IPA

All Aboard...

A can of Ferry No. 2 IPA being held up by the waterfront.

A Collaboration With SF Bay Ferry

We're excited to announce our new collaboration with San Francisco Bay Ferry for their Brews with Views project!

Together with our friends at East Brother Beer Co. in Richmond, and Faction Brewing in Alameda – we’ve each brewed a unique ferry-themed beer celebrating our communities, and the SF Bay Ferry routes that connect them.

Look out for our Ferry No. 2 IPA on select SF Bay Ferry routes (including the Vallejo–SF route). And if you're ferrying from the Vallejo terminal, make sure to stop by our Ferry Taproom and pick-up a special voucher that will get this brew in your hand for only $1.

History Behind The Name:

Ferry No. 2 was built in 1879 in Oregon, and plied the waters of Portland before being brought to the Bay Area in the 1890s. Here she was renamed “SS Vallejo”, and served as a passenger ferry transporting visitors and shipyard workers between Vallejo and Mare Island for 50 years. After WWII, she was sent to Sausalito to be scrapped, and her story would have ended there had it not been for the local artists who bought her. She was converted into a houseboat and art studio, and over the years hosted gatherings among countercultural luminaries (including the famous “Houseboat Summit”). Timothy Leary, Alan Ginsberg, Janis Joplin, and Jack Kerouac have all partied aboard her storied hull. She sits in Sausalito to this day, and with this IPA, we toast to her legacy.

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