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Mare Island Brewing Co.

Our Brews

Because that’s what we’re here for…


These beers are our tried and true, and are available year-around. Find them in our taproomsonline store, and restaurants and bottleshops throughout the Bay Area. 

Saginaw Golden Ale

The USS Saginaw was the first keel laid on Mare Island in 1857. Pirates, confederates, a shipwreck, a rescue by King Kamehahmeha… we dedicate this Golden Ale to its (and our) hero, Coxswain William Halford. Saginaw Golden Ale is our flagship ale.

Coal Shed Stout

Our brewery is located in one of the historic Coal Sheds on Mare Island, where coal was stored and loaded onto the early Navy steam ships. Coal Shed Stout: black as coal and good for the soul. Coal Shed Stout is our flagship dark beer.

Survivor's Tale Pale Ale

The USS Indianapolis’ final U.S. port of call was Mare Island, before delivering parts for the A-bomb “Little Boy” to Tinian Island in the Pacific. Days later, the ship was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. Of 1,196 men on board, 300 went down with the ship. The remainder were adrift for five days in shark-infested waters with no lifeboats, food, nor water. Only 317 men lived to tell the tale. We crafted this brew for the 2015 USS Indianapolis Survivors’ reunion, and have maintained a deep and ongoing relationship with the Survivors.​

Hydraulic Sandwich IPA

Many a Yardbird from Mare Island’s glory days have told us of hoisting a “hydraulic sandwich” for lunch. Beer is indeed food. Our brewing pedigree includes many a hopped-up brew, but our evolving philsophy leads us to this balanced IPA, where the finest hops are still on display, but the balance of malt always keeps those hops in check. 

Shipwright's Porter

With our Porter, we honor the shipwrights (shipbuilders) of Mare Island. The darkest of our offerings, this brew boasts notes of chocolate and toffee, has considerable weight, but still presents a refreshingly clean finish. The Shipwright's Porter recipe is also the base for our General Order No. 99 barrel and bunker-aged reserve porter.

Farragut’s Farmhouse Ale 

Commodore David Farragut—famous for uttering the words, “Damn the Torpedoes…”—was the first commander on Mare Island in 1854. This lighter Saison (belgium-styled seasonal) is intentionally soured and then aged in used white wine oak barrels, giving it both delicate weight and a slightly toasty aroma. Available only on tap in our taproom, and style varies with the season.

Angles and Dangles American Blonde Ale

Ask any Mare Island submariner about “Angles and Dangles,” and they’ll grin (and shudder) at the memory of those extreme, underwater maneuvers, designed to stress test a ship and its crew. We crafted this brew in honor (and at the request) of United States Submarine Veterans for their 2014 convention in San Francisco. It was so tasty we often revisit it as part of our seasonal cycles. The lightest of our beers, Angles and Dangles is best served quite cold, and in large quantities.


Mare Island Brewing Co. is a proud member of the Independent Craft Brewers Association

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