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Mare Island Brewing Co.

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Because that’s what we’re here for…


These are our finest. Crafted in small quantities specifcally for our Yardbird Beer Club members. On special occasion only, they're availble for retail in bottle and on draught.

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General Order No. 99

Naval General Order No. 99, issued by Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels in 1914, banished all alcohol from Naval bases and ships. We hereby rescind the order on Mare Island. This is our finest porter, aged in former whiskey and pinot noir wine barrels for six months, blended, and then bottle-conditioned to perfection in a historic bomb shelter on Mare Island. Intense, with hints of chocolate, coffee, fresh-milled grain, vanilla spice, toast, and a distant, elegant echo of fine whiskey, this limited-production reserve brew has balance yet heft on the palate, with creaminess derived from extended barrel and bottle aging. You have your orders.

Historical Notes: The original General Order No. 99 not only removed all alcohol from Mare Island, but also within a five mile radius of the Naval base; this shuttered Vallejo's Solano Brewery (in photo montage above), which was one of the bay area's highly successful producers of "steam beer" at that time (and the last brewery in the area before Mare Island Brewing Co. came along 99 years later). Also, legend has it that "cup of joe" originated as a not-so-complimentary salute by sailors to Josephus Daniels when his order suddenly made coffee the strongest drink on the ship...

Murphy the Pig

We’ve been crafting our barrel-aged “Farragut’s Farmhouse” barrel aged saison for a few years, and occasionally we’ve diverted a little fresh saison from those batches (before they go to barrel) over to the taproom, where it has been a huge hit. We felt it was time to bottle up a fresh saison for our beloved Yardbirds. 

Historical Note: The name comes from one of our favorite tales of the legendary Admiral David Farragut (first Commodore of Mare Island and utterer of “Damn the Torpedoes”). Farragut started his Navy career as a midshipman at the ripe age of nine (yup). When his ship was captured by the British during the war of 1812, young Farragut heard some of the British sailor discussing a “prize”; that prize being his ship’s pet pig named Murphy. Farragut claimed the pig as his own (maritime law protected a captured sailor’s personal possessions) and the British, always up for sport, decided a fistfight between Farragut and the British’s own young midshipman was the best way to settle the issues. Fisticuffs ensued, and Murphy lived to see another day. Farragut was indeed a badass, and we strive to brew a beer worthy of his legacy. As a “fresh saison,” we urge you to drink this up while still young.

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Mare island Brewing Co. is a proud member of the Independent Craft Brewers Association

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