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Mare Island Brewing Co.

Our Brews

Because that’s what we’re here for…


Here's a sip of our seasonal brews. Typically, once they're gone, they're gone, but there a few that have made their way back into the rotation due to popular demand.  

Nuclear Sandwich Double IPA

You’ve tasted our “Hydraulic Sandwich”? Well, we threw balance out the window and loaded on the hops to create this, our Nuclear Sandwich. During the Cold War, much of the Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet was proudly built on Mare Island.

Horse & Cow Hefeweizen

Ask any former Mare Island submariner about the Horse and Cow, and you’ll either get a story of debauchery that you’ll find hard to believe, or you’ll just get a silent and mischievous grin. Horse and Cow was the (in)famous bar in town, known throughout the entire Navy fleet, that served as the bar of choice for submariners and sailors throughout the 50’s and 60’s. Mare Island submariners, upon achieving all their certifications and passing final evaluation, would visit the Horse and Cow to retrieve their “dolphins” (submarine warfare insignia badge) from the bottom of a booze-filled pint. Our Hefeweizen may not pack quite that much punch, but we’re proud of this a refreshing homage to the watering holes that came before us..

Mud Puppy Brown Ale

 It is 1969. The brand-new nuclear sub USS Guitarro is docked at Mare Island, deck hatches open. One work crew test-fills the aft ballast, while a totally separate crew fills the fore ballasts to trim the ship. The workers return from lunch just in time to see the ship sink in the Napa River, costing millions and earning the Guitarro the nickname “Mud Puppy.” Though one of the most embarrassing mistakes in the Island’s history (the shipyard even took up a collection to attempt to reimburse the government), the Mud Puppy was eventually raised, overhauled and went on to serve the fleet with distinction for 20 years.​

Six Buckets Russian Imperial Stout

Buckets in hand, sailors from the Imperial Russian Fleet—visiting the Bay by invitation from Lincoln himself—poured off their docked ship, rushing to aid in the fight against the fire. The conflagration of 1863 had consumed the financial district, and was on the verge of consuming the entirety of San Francisco. The newspaper later reported that—when it was all over—the exhausted local firefighters thanked the Russians with their best bottles of beer. Six tombstones in the Mare Island cemetery read “Unknown Russian Soldier,” marking sailors fallen during the firefighting. We share this beer to honor them … and their buckets.

Monomoy Märzen Lager

Historically the coming of the fall triggered the spirited Whaleboat Regatta. The multitude of ships visiting or stationed at Mare Island would lower their monomoys—traditional, heavy whaleboats that doubled as lifeboats—and teams of eight sailors would race a friendly but intense competition, with thousands of spectators gathering to cheer from the waterfront. The tradition lives on with the modern-day Vallejo Whaleboat Regatta each fall. Between the Maritime Academies, Navy presence, and local rowing associations, the San Francisco Bay Area has the largest concentration of monomoy whaleboats in the country.

Shop Bike Session IPA

Mare Island Shipyard’s 40,000 daily workers arrived via ferry, train, or bus. But once on Island, it was all about the bike. The Island had thousands of shipyard bicycles, each assigned to a shop but free to be ridden anywhere on Island; the original scooter share, if you will. The yard’s bike shop claimed 16,000 bike tube patches per year. Years after moving into our historic brewery, we were digging deep into a storage area and discovered an old purple bike frame, with its “Shop 72” sign still attached. A one-speed bike and an easy-drinking session IPA...seems like a perfect match for summer..

Ivy Bells Pilsner

Admiral Rickover sent the USS Halibut, one of his treasured Mare Island nuclear submarines, to search by periscope for a “cable crossing” sign in Russian. This was the Soviet’s Sea of Okhotsk, where we were certainly not welcome during the Cold War. The Soviet Navy’s key communications cable was found, the Halibut hovered at 400ft, and two covert divers attached the recording device; top-secret operation “Ivy Bells” had begun. For the next 20 years, subs from Mare Island returned monthly to swap the recording tape. We dedicate this cold-fermented lager to the steely resolve of Mare Island’s cold war submariners.

Brewery Bootcamp Beer #1​: Benny Suggs Red Ale

At our “Brewer Bootcamp,” eager amateur brewers come join us for a complete brew: recipe design, brewing, packaging (and consumption). This group effort was crafted with pride, precision and hard work in keeping with the proud heritage of Mare Island.​​

Brewer Bootcamp Beer #2: Acey Duecey Weizenbock

At our “Brewer Bootcamp,” eager amateur brewers come join us for a complete brew: recipe design, brewing, packaging (and consumption). This group effort was crafted with pride, precision and hard work in keeping with the proud heritage of Mare Island.​

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